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Terra Market is part of a family business focused on sharing everything their home state of Arizona has to offer. Created as a platform to support local artisan food purveyors, Terra Market aims to bring the unique and delicious creations of ranchers, farmers, and chefs directly to you. Whether you live in a quiet town or a bustling metropolis, find "local" favorites and get them delivered right to your door.

Join us on our mission to redefine gourmet the Terra Way.

Along with many other delicious local delicacies, we sell Terra Heritage Full-Blood Wagyu beef and American Wagyu Beef, all humanely and pasture raised in Arizona and USDA certified. By focusing on such high quality products, we hope to enhance your home culinary experience and help create lasting memories of family and friends with food brought directly to you, from our farm to your table.

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Born and raised in small town Illinois, Michael Stalter grew up spending his days with his father at their family’s grocery store. It was there that he found his passion for fine food and sharing it with others; there was something special about introducing unique and delicious products to people. After moving to Arizona and spending years in the business world, Michael decided that it was time to get back to his roots. Dreaming of a way that he could once again bring food into people’s homes, he began to develop an online marketplace. This led him to Terra, where he was introduced to Arizona ranchers, farmers, and chefs. Together, they created Terra Market as a platform to support local artisan food purveyors and make their unique products more widely available.

Michael Stalter


Introducing Mitchell, the cornerstone of our ranching operations at TERRA Market. With a lifelong passion for agriculture and animal husbandry, Mitchell has dedicated his career to the art of sustainable and ethical ranching. His journey in this field is marked by an unwavering commitment to quality and a deep respect for the land and the animals under his care.

Mitchell's expertise is not just in ranching, but in nurturing the finest breeds. He plays a pivotal role in the sourcing and raising of our premium Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork. His approach combines time-honored techniques with innovative practices, ensuring that each animal is raised in a stress-free, natural environment. This not only enhances the wellbeing of the livestock but also contributes to the exceptional quality of the products we offer at TERRA Market.

A true steward of the land, Mitchell’s philosophy revolves around sustainable ranching practices. He believes in working harmoniously with nature, ensuring that the land is preserved and enriched for future generations. His methods include rotational grazing, natural feed, and a commitment to no antibiotics or hormones, aligning perfectly with TERRA Market’s ethos of sustainability and responsibility.

Mitchell's hands-on approach and extensive knowledge make him an invaluable asset to our team. He's not just our Head Rancher; he's an educator and a guide, often sharing his insights and experiences with others. His dedication extends beyond the ranch, as he actively participates in community events and educational programs, advocating for sustainable farming and ranching practices.

At TERRA Market, we are proud to have Mitchell as our Head Rancher. His passion, expertise, and ethical approach are fundamental to providing our customers with the highest quality, sustainably raised Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork. Mitchell is a true embodiment of our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the deep connection between the land, the animals, and the food we eat.



Chef Porter received his formal training from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 1992, and has continually added to his resume by working at an impressive list of kitchens across the country, including as the Chef de Cuisine at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, and at the Coral Gables Biltmore Resort in Miami, to name just two. He held an apprenticeship at the prestigious Greenbrier Resort, where he worked under Irish born Master Chef Peter Timmins. There, he refined the formal aspects of his profession, and received silver and bronze medals in ACF Culinary Salons.

In addition, he owned and operated two multi-award winning restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona: Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar from 2004 to 2009, and Petite Maison from 2009 to 2014. At both establishments, Porter received dozens of awards and accolades for innovative cuisine, including "Edible Phoenix 2009 Hero Award," "Best New Restaurants 2010" Phoenix Magazine, "Best French Restaurant 2011" Phoenix New Times, "Best Place to Meet a Farmer 2008" Phoenix New Times, and "The Valley's Top Chefs" Arizona Foothills Magazine 2012.

After a career beginning in traditional French training, Chef Porter has come full circle and is now focusing on the ingredients by working directly with farmers and ranchers like TERRA to emphasize their products instead of the preparation. His focus is to now teach others about what he calls "Western American Food," which consists of quality, local, healthy ingredients straight from the land and full of natural flavor. Grown or raised in a sustainable, ethical, ancestral way, and simply prepared, the result is a delicious, balanced plate.

James Porter


Chelsea is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix. After graduating Summa Cum Laude at Arizona State University, she spent nearly a decade in special events producing festivals, concerts and community celebrations. Chelsea developed a passion for culinary events after experiencing the meaningful impact of showcasing the talents local chefs, farmers, wine and beer makers to their community. After years of producing non-profit benefitting culinary events, she became VP of Production for a series of nationwide culinary festivals in partnership with USA Today and Martha Stewart.

She went on to expand her horizons as Marketing Director for an Arizona-based kombucha company. Here she oversaw the brand development of multiple CPG products and strategic marketing in the community, retail and digital spaces.

Chelsea began working with the TERRA team and her husband Cooper in 2020 and is excited to blend her passions by coordinating hospitality and marketing efforts.



Hailing from the heartland of Illinois, Dale Stalter is the cornerstone of a family deeply rooted in the food industry. For over two decades, Dale was the proud owner and operator of Dale's Red Fox, a beloved grocery store known for its quality products and community spirit. His dedication to his business was matched only by his commitment to his family, especially nurturing the growth of his son Michael.

At Dale's Red Fox, Dale cultivated not just a store, but a community hub where locals gathered to enjoy and discover fine foods. His expertise in selecting and offering exceptional products established the store as a local landmark in Illinois. This experience gave Dale an invaluable insight into the intricacies of food retail and customer service.

Carrying forward his legacy and love for the local food scene, Dale now brings his wealth of knowledge and passion to the vibrant Uptown Farmers Market every Saturday. His presence there is not just about selling; it’s about continuing a family tradition of connecting with people through quality food.

Dale's journey is a testament to the importance of family, tradition, and the enduring power of local communities. His role at TERRA Market is instrumental in bridging connections with Arizona ranchers, farmers, and chefs, helping to shape a platform that champions local artisan food purveyors. His deep understanding of both the business and personal aspects of the food industry makes him an invaluable member of the TERRA Market team.

Dale Stalter

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